Bring Your Website Into The Modern Era With Infinite Scrolling

Is your website showing its age? Modernize and increase its appeal with good use of infinite scrolling.   What Is Infinite Scrolling and Why Should You Care? Nearly all websites have some element of vertical scrolling, where rolling down with the mouse or sliding a finger on a tablet will show more information as the page rolls up. But infinite scrolling takes this one step further by allowing content to continuously appear below, removing the need for a user to click, choose from a menu or move to another page.

Newbie Guide To Starting A Blog

Starting a blog does not have to be a difficult experience. Instead, by following a few steps anyone can go from novice to professional blogger. In fact, creating a blog can be the start of something big. A few viral blog posts here-and-there and fame could be around the corner. So, for the newbie, here is how to get started with this endeavor. Choose a topic of relevance to you and readers Given that the blog owner will probably have to do much of the posting, it is always highly recommend that they choose a topic they find interesting.

What to Expect When Working in a Call Center

Working at an inbound call center is unlike most other places of employment, and as such it can take some getting used to. Due to the nature of the business itself, there are practices, policies, and measurements of success that are uncommon in many other industries. While the specifics of a position will depend on the client or company for whom calls are being processed, inbound call center jobs all have several things in common which remain fairly consistent.

4 Ways Your CMS Can Improve Customer Service

Everyone knows that a content management system makes it easier to develop a web presence, but a robust CMS can also vastly improve customer service for many brands and businesses. Utilizing a diverse, extensible and accessible SaaS CMS solution will make your business more responsive to your customers in many ways. For example: 1. You Can Gauge Their Reactions Through Comments Most CMS solutions allow visitors to comment on or even rate the content that is on your site.

Speaking Volumes About Marketing Content With 3 Simple Facts About The Average Web Reader

The world of the Internet is built with imagery and text, but perhaps the most important of the two is text. The text within a website's content ranks it on search engines. The words on a page tell a visitor if this is where they need to be or where they want to go. Content is the foundation of the web, and without content that is effective, you as a website owner have skipped out on a crucial element of online marketing.