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Starting Up A New Flower Shop? 2 Tips To Get Customers Through Your Door

If you have just started up a new flower shop, you likely do not have a lot of customers right now. Even though it takes time to build up a business, you can make things go a little quicker. Below are two things you should consider doing so you will see people walking through your door to buy your beautiful flowers. Search Engine Optimization There are ways to make your website show up on the first page of the search engines. This is important because many people will not go past the first couple of pages when they search for something. The main way to do this is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is placing certain words and phrases on your site that people search for. For example, people looking for a flower shop may simply search flower shops. They may also search for a flower, such as roses for Valentine’s day. Think of what they will search and put these search terms somewhere on your site. The search engines like high authority websites. To get high authority for your site, you need to make sure you use high quality links. For example, if you place a link on your site that goes to a well-known website that sells flowers, your site will rank higher than if you place a link on your website that goes to a lesser known website. If you currently have links on your website that are not high authority, get rid of them. One of the best and easiest ways to get high authority links on your website is through the services... read more

Two Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Work With A Digital Marketing Company

If you own a small business, one of your top priorities is likely determining ways to get the word out about your company to as many people as possible.  While you can certainly take more traditional routes by sending brochures or placing advertisements in the newspaper, it may be more effective for you to invest in digital marketing.  There are a number of digital marketing businesses out there that can help to take your company to the next level by targeting the virtual audience.  Learning more about the benefits of working with a digital marketing firm can help you see why you should start this valuable partnership right away. Digital Marketing Agencies Influence Your Virtual Reputation These days, some people won’t even dream of patronizing a business unless they first read the online reviews that are left by other consumers.  If the reviews and comments about your company aren’t wholly positive, you could be missing out on a significant stream of income. Because you’re a small business owner, you probably don’t have time to constantly check the status of your online reputation.  There may be one disgruntled client who takes to social media to air their complaints.  If you’re not able to catch and respond to the message, it could put a stain on your virtual reputation that may be hard to recover from. That’s why you should work with a digital marketing agency.  They will assign a social media manager to your account who will make it a point to run searches on the name of your business on a daily basis.  When they come across comments, they... read more

3 Marketing Videos Your Long-Term Care Facility Must Have

You may do a lot of things to market your long-term care facility to customers, but if you are like a lot of business owners, videos will not be a major part of the process. Videos for marketing purposes can actually go a long way in an inbound marketing strategy in the long-term care industry. Here are three types of marketing videos you should make available to potential and current customers of your long-term care business.  Create an informational video for those just starting to think about long-term care. If there is one difficult phase in life for a caregiver, it is coming to the conclusion that it is time to look for long-term care for their elderly loved ones. As a long-term care facility business owner, it is your job to step up to the plate right from the awareness stage when customers will be just beginning to contemplate their options. Therefore, it is a good idea to produce a video and have it available on your website that is designed to give more information to people who are just starting to think about a solution. A video that conveys information about what other people go through when finding a facility or even a testimonial-style video is a good idea. Make use of a video that opens up our doors to potential clients. Once a potential client has came to the conclusion that they do need long-term care for their loved ones, they will be more interested in seeing places that are available firsthand. So make sure that anyone who visits your website has an option to do... read more

3 Reasons To Have Custom Software Designed For Your Business

If you use the services of a custom software development company, you can have tailor-made software made to suit your company’s specifications. If you are looking for software that can help you with bookkeeping, inventory management or just about anything else, it can be worthwhile to have it custom-made rather than purchasing a premade software program. These are a few reasons why.  1. Ease the Learning Curve There is no reason for you or your employees to learn how to use a complicated software program if your company has rather simple and very specific needs. You can talk to your software developer to ensure that your software program is easy to understand and use. This can make things easier for you and your employees, can reduce the amount of time that is spent on software training and can help prevent mistakes.  2. Expand Your Potential A premade software program might not work with all of the ideas that you have in mind for your business. If you are looking to implement new products and services or have other ideas, your software development company can help ensure that your software program will work with your ideas and will be prepared to grow with your business. The last thing that you probably want to do is put your company’s growth on hold because your software program won’t work with what you have in mind, but this won’t be a problem if you have your software made specifically for your business. 3. Avoid Making Changes If you start using a premade software program, there is a chance that you will have to... read more

Bring Your Website Into The Modern Era With Infinite Scrolling

Is your website showing its age? Modernize and increase its appeal with good use of infinite scrolling.   What Is Infinite Scrolling and Why Should You Care? Nearly all websites have some element of vertical scrolling, where rolling down with the mouse or sliding a finger on a tablet will show more information as the page rolls up. But infinite scrolling takes this one step further by allowing content to continuously appear below, removing the need for a user to click, choose from a menu or move to another page. Why is such a website design appealing? As customers increasingly access sites using phones and tablets, navigating by scrolling instead of clicking links is much easier and more user-friendly. It also allows the site to guide users through the experience it wants them to have and is often more mobile-friendly–an important aspect in modern websites. Finally, long scrolling helps keep a consumer on one website by decreasing the need or tendency to jump around.  Tips for Making it Work Success with infinite scrolling is about more than just providing an endless stream of content to scroll through. You need to make it appealing to web-savvy users with an itchy trigger finger when it comes to jumping off of sites to surf in other places. For these reasons, infinite scrolling works best when you keep in mind these basic tips: Go Big or Go Home: Focus on single large images that are clean and striking, rather than many small pictures or videos. Likewise, make headlines or quotations large, short and easy to read. When you create your web content for readers to... read more

Newbie Guide To Starting A Blog

Starting a blog does not have to be a difficult experience. Instead, by following a few steps anyone can go from novice to professional blogger. In fact, creating a blog can be the start of something big. A few viral blog posts here-and-there and fame could be around the corner. So, for the newbie, here is how to get started with this endeavor. Choose a topic of relevance to you and readers Given that the blog owner will probably have to do much of the posting, it is always highly recommend that they choose a topic they find interesting. Hobbies, educational specializations and occupations are all characteristics to consider when choosing a topic. Yet, personal identity is not enough. It is also necessary to take into consideration the needs of the online readership. Thus, a potential blog creator should check for the latest trends on the web. What kind of information do people crave? Choose a writing platform Next, comes the writing platform. There are a number of blog hosting sites. Choose one that is easy to use. These days, the hosts usually have ready-made templates that allow bloggers to just click and paste. Optimize for Search Engines If a website does not show up on the first few pages of the average search, some would say it might as well not exist. Users tend to stop looking after the first few search hits. So, those sites and blogs that always wind up at the top of the search page usually have a better chance of going viral. The way to assure chances of this success is through search... read more

What to Expect When Working in a Call Center

Working at an inbound call center is unlike most other places of employment, and as such it can take some getting used to. Due to the nature of the business itself, there are practices, policies, and measurements of success that are uncommon in many other industries. While the specifics of a position will depend on the client or company for whom calls are being processed, inbound call center jobs all have several things in common which remain fairly consistent. Learning the Metrics System While every employer has some methodology for measuring their employees’ productivity, successes, and failures, call centers have boiled such things down to hard mathematics. Virtually every aspect of any call center employee’s performance is monitored, measured, and compared against an ideal or an average. Key areas of importance to every call center are handle time, after-call work, and schedule adherence. An agent’s handle time is defined as the time spent actively engaged with a caller, though the target number for this tends to vary based on the nature of the calls being taken. After-call work, sometimes also referred to as wrap time, is the time spent documenting an interaction prior to being available for a new call. This time should be comparably minuscule to that spent taking calls. Finally, adherence consists of the minutes and seconds spent in direct compliance with an established schedule. Scheduling Man Hours The schedule is everything in a call center, as it can determine how many individual calls can be processed in any given 15-minute interval. Many things impact the final result, but the more closely reality can replicate an ideal... read more

4 Ways Your CMS Can Improve Customer Service

Everyone knows that a content management system makes it easier to develop a web presence, but a robust CMS can also vastly improve customer service for many brands and businesses. Utilizing a diverse, extensible and accessible SaaS CMS solution will make your business more responsive to your customers in many ways. For example: 1. You Can Gauge Their Reactions Through Comments Most CMS solutions allow visitors to comment on or even rate the content that is on your site. If your potential (and current) customers have questions, they need only comment on one of your posts and you can immediately respond. This type of dialog doesn’t just make the customer feel more loyal to your brand, it also shows the other readers also viewing the page that your company is responsive and professional. 2. You Can Provide Information In An Easy, Searchable Format Information such as tutorials, fact sheets, product data and more can all be provided in an easily searched format. Customers will not need to call in to your business (or even email) to find the information they need; they can immediately search for it on your CMS-based website and find it without having to wait. Not only does this improve the customer experience, but it also reduces the amount of administrative overhead for your business. 3. You Can Use Statistics To Determine Their Needs One of the greatest things about a content management system is that it will track analytic data for you, including which pages are being visited more frequently and how often specific visitors are returning. By using these statistics, you can find out... read more

Speaking Volumes About Marketing Content With 3 Simple Facts About The Average Web Reader

The world of the Internet is built with imagery and text, but perhaps the most important of the two is text. The text within a website’s content ranks it on search engines. The words on a page tell a visitor if this is where they need to be or where they want to go. Content is the foundation of the web, and without content that is effective, you as a website owner have skipped out on a crucial element of online marketing. If you want to understand more about the appropriate use of content and implementing a strategy that works in a virtual world, there are three simple facts you should know about web readers.  1. You Have 15 Seconds to Get Their Attention – According to a report by Time Magazine Online, the average consumer will spend only about 15 seconds on a web page, unless something captures and holds their attention. This means that if you want your content to be effective as a marketing tool, it better be interesting enough to get someone interested within just the first few lines. If the copy on your website is bland and boring, you may be lucky to get even 15 seconds before a potential customer moves on.  2. You Have to Be Visible Where Your Customers Are Present – Any company can paste updates and statuses on social media sites to draw in attention, but you have to make sure that what the content of the post or advertisement says is to the point. The average person will spend 23 hours a week on texting, email, and social networking. However, their... read more

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