3 Tips For Online Marketing As An Attorney

Online marketing for attorneys can be a difficult task because separating yourself from all the other law firms online seems impossible. Fortunately, putting the extra effort into your marketing will pay off with more clients and increased credibility.

Start With Useful Content

The best way to market yourself online is to have a well-designed website that features plenty of useful content. Have sections on your website that overview general issues related to law that would be applicable to the type of law you practice. These snippets of information will be useful for visitors to your website that have a specific concern or are merely curious about different aspects of law.

Other sections of your website can be dedicated to the specific type of law you practice. For example, if your expertise and practice areas are criminal law, you may want to include information regarding the legal process for those arrested for a crime. You also want to help visitors understand how laws my differ from state to state for the same crime. Since jurisdictions usually develop new laws or make changes each year, this is a good opportunity for you to create fresh content to help visitors understand legal changes. Attorney marketing services often use this method.

Be A Special Guest

Find opportunities to be a special guest on different podcasts, community events, television, or other media outlets. When high-profile issues occur in your area or on a national level, the average person will want a better understanding of what will happen during the legal process. This might include what will happen to the accused and your personal opinion on the outcome of the case based on precedent. No matter which area of law you practice, you will likely find opportunities to promote yourself on different media outlets. When viewers can connect trustworthy information with a name, they might look up your office if they ever experience problems. Additionally, working with prominent websites or media outlets may give you the opportunity to be their "go-to" person for legal issues, further increasing your exposure and credibility.

Flaunt Your Successes

When people look for a lawyer, they generally want someone with a proven record of winning their type of case. Encourage prior clients who were pleased with your services to leave reviews on your website and/or other platforms, such as Google. This is an indirect way of utilizing your previous clients to attract future clients. Although word-of-mouth is still important for attorneys, the way information spreads is different and people rarely recommend a product or service in person. Another way you can spread information is to have a section on your website containing a synopsis of different cases you have won. The overview of cases do not contain names or other identifying information, but give the public a general idea of your accomplishments in the court room.

Increasing your visibility online and in the public will give you the best chance at marketing yourself. Aim to educate visitors and create a sense of trust so they will think of you if they need an attorney.