Starting Up A New Flower Shop? 2 Tips To Get Customers Through Your Door

If you have just started up a new flower shop, you likely do not have a lot of customers right now. Even though it takes time to build up a business, you can make things go a little quicker. Below are two things you should consider doing so you will see people walking through your door to buy your beautiful flowers.

Search Engine Optimization

There are ways to make your website show up on the first page of the search engines. This is important because many people will not go past the first couple of pages when they search for something. The main way to do this is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is placing certain words and phrases on your site that people search for. For example, people looking for a flower shop may simply search flower shops. They may also search for a flower, such as roses for Valentine's day. Think of what they will search and put these search terms somewhere on your site.

The search engines like high authority websites. To get high authority for your site, you need to make sure you use high quality links. For example, if you place a link on your site that goes to a well-known website that sells flowers, your site will rank higher than if you place a link on your website that goes to a lesser known website. If you currently have links on your website that are not high authority, get rid of them.

One of the best and easiest ways to get high authority links on your website is through the services of a SEO company. The SEO company can also help you with using the right keywords.

Mobile Friendly

There are more than 2.6 billion people that have a smartphone, and many of these people use their smartphone to shop and look for businesses. For this reason, make sure your website is mobile friendly. If it is not, when someone brings up your website on their smartphone it will not fit on the screen correctly, which would make them have to move the page right and left to be able to view everything. These people will likely exit out of your site and go to another.

There is conversion software that will make your website mobile friendly. Whatever you use, the website should show up well on any size smartphone, as well as tablets. Hire a developer to make your website mobile friendly if you do not know how to do it.

These two tips should help you get started with getting more customers for your flower shop.