3 Marketing Videos Your Long-Term Care Facility Must Have

You may do a lot of things to market your long-term care facility to customers, but if you are like a lot of business owners, videos will not be a major part of the process. Videos for marketing purposes can actually go a long way in an inbound marketing strategy in the long-term care industry. Here are three types of marketing videos you should make available to potential and current customers of your long-term care business. 

Create an informational video for those just starting to think about long-term care.

If there is one difficult phase in life for a caregiver, it is coming to the conclusion that it is time to look for long-term care for their elderly loved ones. As a long-term care facility business owner, it is your job to step up to the plate right from the awareness stage when customers will be just beginning to contemplate their options. Therefore, it is a good idea to produce a video and have it available on your website that is designed to give more information to people who are just starting to think about a solution. A video that conveys information about what other people go through when finding a facility or even a testimonial-style video is a good idea.

Make use of a video that opens up our doors to potential clients.

Once a potential client has came to the conclusion that they do need long-term care for their loved ones, they will be more interested in seeing places that are available firsthand. So make sure that anyone who visits your website has an option to do so with a simple introduction video. An introduction video should involve interactions with staff that you have in your facility and even a virtual tour of the building itself. 

Keep current clients happy with videos aimed at people who have already chosen long-term care. 

Getting an elderly loved one into a long-term care facility is only part of the difficulty, and the stress doesn't stop once a family member is in a home. Make sure your website offers some videos that are geared toward clients who are in this stage of the process to help them feel more at ease. For example, videos showing daily activities in the facility, interviews with patients who are happy, and even just regular video updates to keep current customers in the know can go a long way. 

For best results, work with a video production company to ensure your videos are as informative and professional as possible.