Speaking Volumes About Marketing Content With 3 Simple Facts About The Average Web Reader

The world of the Internet is built with imagery and text, but perhaps the most important of the two is text. The text within a website's content ranks it on search engines. The words on a page tell a visitor if this is where they need to be or where they want to go.

Content is the foundation of the web, and without content that is effective, you as a website owner have skipped out on a crucial element of online marketing. If you want to understand more about the appropriate use of content and implementing a strategy that works in a virtual world, there are three simple facts you should know about web readers. 

1. You Have 15 Seconds to Get Their Attention - According to a report by Time Magazine Online, the average consumer will spend only about 15 seconds on a web page, unless something captures and holds their attention. This means that if you want your content to be effective as a marketing tool, it better be interesting enough to get someone interested within just the first few lines. If the copy on your website is bland and boring, you may be lucky to get even 15 seconds before a potential customer moves on. 

2. You Have to Be Visible Where Your Customers Are Present - Any company can paste updates and statuses on social media sites to draw in attention, but you have to make sure that what the content of the post or advertisement says is to the point. The average person will spend 23 hours a week on texting, email, and social networking. However, their time spent here is valuable, and you will have to make yourself visible and respected with what you have to say. 

3. You Have to Be Mobile Conscious with Your Content - People spend a good portion of their time surfing the web on their phones. In fact, of the 58 minutes per day people spend on their smartphones, about 15 percent of that time is surfing the web. If you want to make sure your content gets the recognition you want, you have to keep mobile users in mind. These are people staring at a smaller than usual screen, likely in a hurry. This means your content should be to the point and thumbnails for transitioning from page to page easily recognizable. 

Anyone can slap up some words on a website, but it takes a true professional to make sure acontent strategy for the web will actually work. Be sure you consider these three things about the readers you are trying to attract and you will be well on your way to better website traffic flow.